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Article 68k


Removed on May 8th 2024 based on the version and article numbering in the EU Parliament's 'Corrigendum' version dated April 19th 2024.

[Previous version]

Removed on April 10th 2024 based on the version and article numbering approved by the EU Parliament on March 13th 2024.

Updated on Feb 6th 2024 based on the version endorsed by the Coreper I on Feb 2nd

Power to Request Measures

1. Where necessary and appropriate, the Commission may request providers to

  1. take appropriate measures to comply with the obligations set out in Title VIIIa, Chapter 2 [Obligations for provider of general purpose AI models];
  2. require a provider to implement mitigation measures, where the evaluation carried out in accordance with Article 68j [Power to conduct evaluations] has given rise to serious and substantiated concern of a systemic risk at Union level;
  3. restrict the making available on the market, withdraw or recall the model.

2. Before a measure is requested, the AI Office may initiate a structured dialogue with the provider of the general purpose AI model.

3. If, during the structured dialogue under paragraph 2, the provider of the general purpose AI model with systemic risk offers commitments to implement mitigation measures to address a systemic risk at Union level, the Commission may by decision make these commitments binding and declare that there are no further grounds for action.

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