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Recital 17

Prohibited Social Scoring of Natural Persons

AI systems providing social scoring of natural persons by public authorities or by private actors may lead to discriminatory outcomes and the exclusion of certain groups. They may violate the right to dignity and non-discrimination and the values of equality and justice. Such AI systems evaluate or classify natural persons based on their social behaviour in multiple contexts or known or predicted personal or personality characteristics. The social score obtained from such AI systems may lead to the detrimental or unfavourable treatment of natural persons or whole groups thereof in social contexts, which are unrelated to the context in which the data was originally generated or collected or to a detrimental treatment that is disproportionate or unjustified to the gravity of their social behaviour. AI systems entailing such unacceptable scoring practices should be therefore prohibited. This prohibition should not affect lawful evaluation practices of natural persons done for one or more specific purpose in compliance with the law.

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