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Annex VIII

Information to be Submitted Upon the Registration of High-Risk AI Systems in Accordance with Article 51

Providers, authorised representatives and users that are public authorities, agencies or bodies shall submit the information referred to in Part I. Providers or, when applicable, authorised representatives shall ensure that the information on their high-risk AI systems referred to in Part II, 1 to 11 is complete, correct and kept up to date. Information laid down in II.12 shall be automatically generated by the database.

Part I. Information related to operators (upon operators' registration)

-1. Type of operator (provider, authorised representative or user);

1. Name, address and contact details of the provider;

2. Where submission of information is carried out by another person on behalf of the operator, the name, address and contact details of that person;

Part II. Information related to the high-risk AI system

1. Name, address and contact details of the provider

2. Name, address and contact details of the authorised representative, where applicable;

3. AI system trade name and any additional unambiguous reference allowing identification and traceability of the AI system;

4. Description of the intended purpose of the AI system;

5. Status of the AI system (on the market, or in service; no longer placed on the market/in service, recalled);

6. Type, number and expiry date of the certificate issued by the notified body and the name or identification number of that notified body, when applicable;

7. A scanned copy of the certificate referred to in point 6, when applicable;

8. Member States in which the AI system is or has been placed on the market, put into service or made available in the Union;

9. A copy of the EU declaration of conformity referred to in Article 48;

10. Electronic instructions for use;

11. URL for additional information (optional).

12. Name, address and contact details of users.

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