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Article 58a

Guidelines from the Commission on the Implementation of This Regulation

1. Upon the request of the Member States or the Board, or on its own initiative, the Commission shall issue guidelines on the practical implementation of this Regulation, and in particular on

(i) the application of the requirements referred to in Articles 8 - 15;

(ii) the prohibited practices referred to in Article 5;

(iii) the practical implementation of the provisions related to substantial modification;

(iv) the practical implementation of uniform conditions referred to in Article 6, paragraph 3, including examples in relation to high risk AI systems referred to in Annex III;

(v) the practical implementation of transparency obligations laid down in Article 52;

(vi) the relationship of this Regulation with other relevant Union legislation, including as regards consistency in their enforcement.

When issuing such guidelines, the Commission shall pay particular attention to the needs of SMEs including start-ups, local public authorities and sectors most likely to be affected by this Regulation.

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