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Article 60

EU Database for High-Risk AI Systems Listed in Annex III

1. The Commission shall, in collaboration with the Member States, set up and maintain a EU database containing information referred to in paragraph 2 concerning relevant operators and high-risk AI systems listed in Annex III which are registered in accordance with Articles 51 and 54a. When setting the functional specifications of such database, the Commission shall consult the AI Board.

2. The data listed in Annex VIII, Part I, shall be entered into the EU database by the providers, authorised representatives and relevant users, as applicable, upon their registration. The data listed in Annex VIII, Part II, 1 to 11, shall be entered into the EU database by the providers, or where applicable by the authorised representative, in accordance with Article 51. The data referred in Annex VIII, Part II, 12 shall be automatically generated by the database based on the information provided by relevant users pursuant to Article 51(2). The data listed in Annex VIIIa shall be entered into the database by the prospective providers or providers in accordance with Article 54a.

3. [deleted]

4. The EU database shall contain no personal data, except for the information listed in Annex VIII, and shall be without prejudice to Article 70.

5. The Commission shall be the controller of the EU database. It shall make available to providers, prospective providers and users adequate technical and administrative support.

5a. Information contained in the EU database registered in accordance with Article 51 shall be accessible to the public. The information registered in accordance with Article 54a shall be accessible only to market surveillance authorites and the Commission, unless the prospective provider or provider has given consent for making this information also accessible the public.

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