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Article 32

Notification Procedure

1. Notifying authorities may only notify conformity assessment bodies which have satisfied the requirements laid down in Article 33.

2. Notifying authorities shall notify those bodies to the Commission and the other Member States using the electronic notification tool developed and managed by the Commission.

3. The notification referred to in paragraph 2 shall include full details of the conformity assessment activities, the conformity assessment module or modules and the AI systems concerned and the relevant attestation of competence. Where a notification is not based on an accreditation certificate as referred to in Article 31 (2), the notifying authority shall provide the Commission and the other Member States with documentary evidence which attests to the conformity assessment body's competence and the arrangements in place to ensure that that body will be monitored regularly and will continue to satisfy the requirements laid down in Article 33.

4. The conformity assessment body concerned may perform the activities of a notified body only where no objections are raised by the Commission or the other Member States within two weeks of a notification by a notifying authority where it includes an accreditation certificate referred to in Article 31(2), or within two months of a notification by the notifying authority where it includes documentary evidence referred to in Article 31(3).

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