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Article 47

Derogation From Conformity Assessment Procedure

1. By way of derogation from Article 43 and upon a duly justified request, any market surveillance authority may authorise the placing on the market or putting into service of specific high-risk AI systems within the territory of the Member State concerned, for exceptional reasons of public security or the protection of life and health of persons, environmental protection and the protection of key industrial and infrastructural assets. That authorisation shall be for a limited period of time while the necessary conformity assessment procedures are being carried out, taking into account the exceptional reasons justifying the derogation. The completion of those procedures shall be undertaken without undue delay.

1a. In a duly justified situation of urgency for exceptional reasons of public security or in case of specific, substantial and imminent threat to the life or physical safety of natural persons, law enforcement authorities or civil protection authorities may put a specific high-risk AI system into service without the authorisation referred to in paragraph 1 provided that such authorisation is requested during or after the use without undue delay, and if such authorisation is rejected, its use shall be stopped with immediate effect and all the results and outputs of this use shall be immediately discarded.

2. The authorisation referred to in paragraph 1 shall be issued only if the market surveillance authority concludes that the high-risk AI system complies with the requirements of Chapter 2 of this Title. The market surveillance authority shall inform the Commission and the other Member States of any authorisation issued pursuant to paragraph 1. This obligation shall not cover sensitive operational data in relation to the activities of law enforcement authorities.

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6. For high-risk AI systems related to products covered by Union harmonisation legislation referred to in Annex II Section A, only the conformity assessment derogation procedures established in that legislation shall apply.

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