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Article 84

Evaluation and Review

1. [deleted]

1b. The Commission shall assess the need for amendment of the list in Annex III every 24 months following the entry into force of this Regulation and until the end of the period of the delegation of power. The findings of that assessment shall be presented to the European Parliament and the Council.

2. By [three years after the date of application of this Regulation referred to in Article 85(2)] and every four years thereafter, the Commission shall submit a report on the evaluation and review of this Regulation to the European Parliament and to the Council. The reports shall be made public.

3. The reports referred to in paragraph 2 shall devote specific attention to the following:

  1. the status of the financial resources, technical equipment and human resources of the national competent authorities in order to effectively perform the tasks assigned to them under this Regulation;
  1. the state of penalties, and notably administrative fines as referred to in Article 71(1), applied by Member States to infringements of the provisions of this Regulation.

4. Within [three years after the date of application of this Regulation referred to in Article 85(2)] and every four years thereafter, where appropriate, the Commission shall evaluate the impact and effectiveness of voluntary codes of conduct to foster the application of the requirements set out in Title III, Chapter 2 for AI systems other than high-risk AI systems and possibly other additional requirements for AI systems, including as regards environmental sustainability.

5. For the purpose of paragraphs 1a to 4 the Board, the Member States and national competent authorities shall provide the Commission with information on its request.

6. In carrying out the evaluations and reviews referred to in paragraphs 1a to 4 the Commission shall take into account the positions and findings of the Board, of the European Parliament, of the Council, and of other relevant bodies or sources.

7. The Commission shall, if necessary, submit appropriate proposals to amend this Regulation, in particular taking into account developments in technology and in the light of the state of progress in the information society.

Suitable Recitals
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