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Recital 69

Register Requirements for High-Risk AI Systems

In order to facilitate the work of the Commission and the Member States in the artificial intelligence field as well as to increase the transparency towards the public, providers of high-risk AI systems other than those related to products falling within the scope of relevant existing Union harmonisation legislation, should be required to register themselves and information about their high-risk AI system in a EU database, to be established and managed by the Commission. Before using a high-risk AI system listed in Annex III, users of highrisk AI systems that are public authorities, agencies or bodies, with the exception of law enforcement, border control, immigration or asylum authorities, and authorities that are users of high-risk AI systems in the area of critical infrastructure shall also register themselves in such database and select the system that they envisage to use. The Commission should be the controller of that database, in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2018/1725 of the European Parliament and of the Council26. In order to ensure the full functionality of the database, when deployed, the procedure for setting the database should include the elaboration of functional specifications by the Commission and an independent audit report.

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