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Removed on May 8th 2024 based on the version and article numbering in the EU Parliament's 'Corrigendum' version dated April 19th 2024.

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Removed on April 10th 2024 based on the version and article numbering approved by the EU Parliament on March 13th 2024.

Updated on Feb 6th 2024 based on the version endorsed by the Coreper I on Feb 2nd

The providers of general-purpose AI models presenting systemic risks should be subject, in addition to the obligations provided for providers of general purpose AI models, to obligations aimed at identifying and mitigating those risks and ensuring an adequate level of cybersecurity protection, regardless of whether it is provided as a standalone model or embedded in an AI system or a product. To achieve these objectives, the Regulation should require providers to perform the necessary model evaluations, in particular prior to its first placing on the market, including conducting and documenting adversarial testing of models, also, as appropriate, through internal or independent external testing. In addition, providers of general-purpose AI models with systemic risks should continuously assess and mitigate systemic risks, including for example by putting in place risk management policies, such as accountability and governance processes, implementing post-market monitoring, taking appropriate measures along the entire model’s lifecycle and cooperating with relevant actors across the AI value chain.

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